Low voltage pressure sensors improve energy efficiency

Low voltage pressure sensors improve energy efficiency

All Sensors Corp. announces a new line of Millivolt Low Voltage Pressure Sensors. The MLV Series is based on the company’s CoBeam2 Technology, which helps reduce package stress as well as improves position sensitivity when compared with competitive sensors. The MLV Series device has a temperature-compensated output signal and is calibrated for zero and span. By offering a compensated and calibrated output signal, many errors associated with pressure measurement are corrected, offering an accurate and stable signal.

The MLV Series device provides a high output signal at a low operating voltage. This is the result of an extremely sensitive sensing element capable of operating at low supply voltages. Lower operating voltages result in improved errors due to warm-up shift. The MLV Series affords design engineers a new compensated millivolt pressure sensor capable of low-pressure measurement with improved energy efficiency. The new series is available in 1, 5, 10, 20, and 30 in H2O pressure ranges.

The MLV Series is offered in a PC board-mountable package. Several packages and port configurations are available including gage and differential devices. Suitable applications for this device include portable devices, battery-operated devices, medical devices associated with low pressure, remote sensing, HVAC, and industrial controls.

For more information, contact All Sensors Corp., 16035 Vineyard Blvd., Morgan Hill, CA 95037. Phone: (408) 225-4314.

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