Low power amplifiers offer high accuracy

Low power amplifiers offer high accuracy

Intersil Corp. introduces the ISL28117 and ISL28217, the latest members of its rapidly growing bipolar low-power precision operational amplifier series. These new products feature a combination of low noise and low power coupled with low offset voltage, low bias current drift, and minimal offset drift over temperature. The products are suited for applications that require reduced power consumption, high dc accuracy, and ac performance needed to condition a wide range of precision analog signals.

The single ISL28117 and dual ISL28217 are capable of reducing signal conditioning error when compared with competing solutions. This is achieved through a combination of lower noise, lower offset voltage, lower bias current, and higher gain accuracy. These amplifiers enable high gain processing of wide common-mode voltage signals with much better accuracy than competing solutions. Applications include medical instruments, precision active filters, power supply control, programmable logic controllers, and digital oscilloscopes.

The ISL28117 and ISL28217 feature a wide operating temperature range of -40° to 125° C. The combination of low noise and low power meet the requirements for signal gain front ends in industrial control applications, while reducing overall power consumption for high signal-count designs. The wide supply voltage range of +/-2.25 to +/-20 V enables more flexibility for wide common-mode range applications. Full-trench isolation process technology prevents latch-up, while high ESD ratings of 4.5 kV (human body model) and 500 V (machine model) are designed to prevent in-field failures for industrial applications such as data acquisition and process control.

For more information, contact Intersil Corp., 1001 Murphy Ranch Rd., Milpitas, CA 95035. Phone: (408) 432-8888.

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