Low-loss SiC devices integrate power conversion circuit in single chip

Renesas Electronics Corp. announces the development of a Schottky barrier diode (SBD), the RJS6005TDPP, employing silicon carbide (SiC), a material with great potential for use in power semiconductor devices. The new SiC Schottky barrier diode is suitable for use in high-output electronic systems such as air conditioners, communication base stations, and solar power arrays.

Demand has grown for more highly efficient power supply circuits in many types of systems to promote environmental preservation. There is a particularly strong need for more efficient power conversion in products using power switching circuits or inverter circuits enabling precise motor control, such as air conditioners, communication base stations, PC servers, and solar power arrays. Therefore, the diodes used in these power converter circuits need to provide faster switching speeds and low-voltage operation. Renesas developed the new SiC SBD to address these demands.

Key features of the new RJS6005TDPP SiC SBD:

  • Faster switching speed offers 40% lower loss than existing products
The new RJS6005TDPP SiC SBD has a reverse recovery time of 15 nanoseconds, approximately 40% faster than that of existing Renesas products using silicon. This enables a faster switching speed and reduces power loss by approximately 40% compared with Renesas’ Si-based products. In addition, the reverse recovery time does not degrade when the temperature rises, enabling consistently low switching loss when operating in high-temperature environments.
  • Low-voltage operation
The new SiC-SBD has a voltage rating of just 1.5 V, lower than that of existing Si fast trigger diode products. In addition, the temperature dependency of this characteristic is small, ensuring that a stable forward voltage can be obtained even under high-temperature conditions. This means that more compact heat dispersion measures can be used.

The new RJS6005TDPP SiC-SBD uses a package equivalent to the industry-standard fully-molded TO-220, with which it is also pin compatible. This means that the RJS6005TDPP SiC SBD can easily be used as a replacement for conventional silicon diodes on existing printed wiring boards.

Renesas has a lineup of 3 to 30 A, voltage tolerance 600 V, power devices designed to meet the need for better energy efficiency in high-output systems such as air conditioners, communication base stations, and solar power arrays, and plans call for the introduction of a series with a voltage tolerance of 1,200 V.

For more information, contact Renesas Electronics America Inc., 2880 Scott Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95050. Phone: (408) 588-6000.

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