Legible labels suit solar PV systems

Legible labels suit solar PV systems

Fabrico announces label printing capabilities that specifically address common problems with labels for solar PV system modules, interconnects, inverters, and electrical panels and enclosures. Labels are widely used in solar systems for production control, tracking, branding, power rating, and other critical identification tasks.

In addition to meeting regulations, labels provide important performance and output information that owners and installers require. As systems are warrantied for 25 or more years, production control and definitive traceability provide a necessary audit trail in case of module, panel, or component problems. The label can also serve as a guarantor that a specific module conforms exactly to what the customer ordered.

Fabrico provides a wide range of printed labels that solar manufacturers or installers might require, including:

  • Identification labels on the back of solar panels
  • Solar rating labels
  • Branding labels
  • Solar reflective labels
  • Warning labels
  • Instruction labels
Fabrico representatives can help with the selection of facestock, adhesive, liner, and topcoat to create a label with the desired durability, readability, and operating life.

For more information, contact Fabrico, 4175 Royal Drive, Suite 800, Kennesaw, GA 30144. Phone: (800) 351-8273.

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