LEDs with custom brightness options

LEDs with custom brightness options

Elma Electronic offers LEDs in customizable configurations. The highly energy efficient LEDs include versions with custom brightness options. These LED assemblies and arrays can be customized to include different levels of indicating brightness for each LED within the same unit to meet a specific indicating goal. For example, a dual assembly may have one LED continuously lit dimly to indicate normal conditions. When triggered, the second LED within that assembly would not only illuminate a different color, but also a different brightness to indicate the severity and urgency of the problem.

The injection molding system used by Elma allows quick and cost-effective modification of their LED and lightpipe products, allowing for a wide range of sizes, colors, brightness, and options, even in small quantities. Standard color options include blue, red, and green. Customized colors are also available, such as orange, amber and white. Most LED designs are available in surface-mount or through-hole styles.

Elma’s LEDs are priced from under $0.99 in volume, depending on type and configuration. The lead-time is 4 weeks ARO. For more information on the company’s LEDs, switches, knobs, and custom design services, please contact Mark Thorsell at 510-656-5829 x228 or visit

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