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LED light towers are prewired, preconfigured

LD6A SignaLights use LED technology to provide a bright solution for supervising workstations or indicating the status of a process. These light towers have a unique ellipse lens shape and modern design, which uses a contrast of illuminated and non-illuminated areas to provide sharper illumination and increased visibility of status.

Optional clear lenses provide a sharper contrast to help avoid confusion about whether a signal is on or off. Lenses are also available in red, yellow, blue, green, and pure white, which work with 24 Vdc base units. All LD6A light towers come prewired and preconfigured. All colored tiers come with color-coded wires, ready to operate right out of the box without additional assembly and wiring. All units also come with mounting screws and washers.

LD6A light towers are available in black or light gray housing colors in steady and steady/flashing/alarm models that pulse at 1.75 Hz (105 flashes per minute). Plus two alarm styles —intermittent short sound and Intermittent long sound — both of which provide 360° sound and volume adjustment between 70 and 90 dB. Light towers are offered in five different mounting styles including wall mount, frame mount, direct mount, pole mount with base, and pole mount with L-shaped bracket. Steady units are rated IP65. All LD6A light towers are UL/c-UL recognized and CE marked.

For more information, contact IDEC Corp., 1175 Elko Dr., Sunnyvale, CA 94089. Phone: (800) 262-4332.

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