LED flash driver offers 85% efficiency

Analog Devices Inc. introduces the ADP1650 1500-mA white LED driver, the latest addition to the company's power management portfolio and its inductive-based flash driver class of devices. The ADP1650 provides excellent flexibility with features like a programmable I²C-compatible interface, programmable torch, and flash currents for one LED up to 1,500 mA, two independent TxMASK1 inputs, and a 4-bit ADC. It is suitable for use in camera phones.

The new LED driver also provides high efficiency at 85% at the typical battery voltage (90% peak), which reduces high levels of input battery current during flash and limits battery current drain in torch mode. The ultra-compact ADP1650 measures only 2 × 1.5 mm in a 12-ball WLCSP package and reduces PCB (printed circuit board) requirements.

The ADP1650 enables a complete high power flash design in less than 17 mm2 by integrating a programmable 1.5-MHz or 3.0-MHz synchronous inductive boost converter, a tiny, 1-mm high, low-cost, 1-μH power inductor, and an 0603 case-size input and output capacitor. The new driver operates efficiently over the entire battery voltage range by maximizing the input-power-to-LED-power conversion and minimizing battery current draw during flash events.

Designed to operate using the limited battery current available for flash, the ADP1650 connects easily to the latest image sensors and image processors to provide excellent picture quality in low ambient light environments.

For more information visit Analog Devices Inc., 3 Technology Way, Norwood, MA 02062. Phone: (800) 262-5643.

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