LED arrays feature high lumen output, simple design

LED arrays feature high lumen output, simple design

Cree Inc. announces new CXA LED Arrays, boasting high lumen output and high efficacy in a family of single, easy-to-use components. To simplify designs and lower system cost, the company's newest CXA LEDs can deliver system-level performance from 500 to 5,000 lumens and up to 146 LED lumens-per-watt, enabling applications from LED replacement lamps to commercial downlights.

CXA LED Arrays are available in EasyWhite color temperatures, providing superior color consistency for designs that use only one LED. The arrays are designed to be used as a single component in an LED design – emulating the single-filament appearance of traditional lighting products. One component means simplified design, manufacturing, and inventory management – enabling lighting manufacturers to shorten time to market and reduce manufacturing costs.

The new product family offers four new CXA LED Arrays (CXA1507, CXA1512, CXA2520, and CXA2530) delivering different lumen levels in two packages and optical sizes (minimum 80 and 90 CRI available).

For more information, contact Cree Inc., 4600 Silicon Dr., Durham, NC 27703. Phone: (800) 533-2583.

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