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Large-area gripping system saves energy, cost

Large-area gripping system saves energy, cost

The FXC-HD large-area gripping system from Schmalz Inc. facilitates energy-saving and cost-efficient automation. In order to prove the efficiency of the FXC-HD large-area gripping system, Schmalz compared it to a conventional vacuum gripping system. Each system had the following identical performance data: 5,760 cycles per day in two operating shifts at an average of 245 work days per year, a required vacuum of -300 mbar for safe gripping of workpieces and compressed air consumption of 23.5 MCF/min for the gripping system. For a market-standard, large-area gripping system, it takes 0.5 sec to evacuate and blow off each workpiece. Transportation of the workpiece with a transport time of 3 sec (without suction) requires compressed air consumption over a period of 4 sec.

The energy consumption-optimized FXC-HD gripping system has a small main body with a small evacuation volume. Because the chambers for the suction and blow-off functions are separate, items can be set down quickly, using less power. The FXC-HD requires only 0.3 sec to create a vacuum and blow off the workpiece. To transport the workpiece for the same transport time of 3 sec, the Schmalz large-area gripping system requires only 3.6 sec instead of 4 sec per compressed air cycle.

Compared with the conventional system, the FXC-HD gripping system saves 157 CF of compressed air per cycle, translating to roughly 222 MCF per year. Therefore, an end user employing the FXC-HD gripping system can save approximately 10 % on annual operating costs, according to company sources.

For more information, contact Schmalz Inc., 5200 Atlantic Ave, Raleigh, NC 27616. Phone: 919-713-0880.

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