Keeping turbine oil clean with electricity

Keeping turbine oil clean with electricity

The ISOPur LR20-Series keeps turbine oil clean and pure. Impurities in the oil are made to aggregate and clump together by giving half of them a positive charge and the other half a negative charge. As the impurities grow in size, they become easy to remove using traditional filtration methods. The unit can be equipped with a PLC which senses fluid conditions and adjusts accordingly by itself. Test show contaminants are removed to the sub-micron level. Sludge and varnish are also removed, along with oxide insoluble and biological contamination. The device works on lubricating and hydraulic oil, machining oil, diesel fuel, vegetable oil, turbine oil, and other non-conducting fluids. It processes fluids at up to 120 ggph (454 lph).

ISOPur Fluid Technologies Inc., 185 South Broad Street, Pawcatuck CT 06379, (888)270-9889,

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