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Internet connectivity now easier to add

Intwine Connect has introduced the Wi-Fi U-SNAP module, developed in partnership with ZeroG Wireless, an innovator in low-power embedded Wi-Fi design. The Wi-Fi U-SNAP module leverages the broad adoption of Wi-Fi in the home and small business, offering OEMs a complete, easy to integrate solution for adding Internet connectivity to their products.

"The U-SNAP standard provides device OEMs with an easy to use, standardized interface for connecting their products to the rapidly evolving smart grid," said Jon Rappaport, Chairman of the U-SNAP Alliance. “The Intwine Wi-Fi U-SNAP module is a perfect example of what the U-SNAP Alliance strives to achieve, simplifying Internet connectivity and device integration, while ensuring future-proof flexibility."

The U-SNAP Wi-Fi Module is a cost-effective solution for vendors who want to add the capability to control and monitor their products. Utilizing the Intwine Connectivity Suite, the module incorporates the U-SNAP form factor, and a Wi-Fi compliant, FCC certified module from ZeroG Wireless, to offer a flexible serial interface and connectivity portal for intelligent connectivity to microcontroller based products. Consumers will now be able to manage, control and receive alerts from products such as thermostats, appliances and garage doors.

“Intwine’s U-SNAP module offers our customers a fast to market, cost-effective, low-risk, reliable platform to integrate the power of the entire Intwine Connectivity Suite into their devices,” said Joe Hurst, CTO of Intwine Connect.

The Intwine U-SNAP module has been beta tested in various sites and is now available for purchase. Pricing for the Intwine Connectivity Suite is based upon application requirements and volumes. Call 216-912-7509 for more information, or visit us online at
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