Integrated LED driver improves system efficiency

ON Semiconductor announces the further expansion of its solutions for LED lighting with the introduction of an offline LED driver that integrates power factor correction (PFC) and isolated step-down ac-dc power conversion in a single stage. By eliminating the need for a dedicated PFC boost stage, the NCL30001 offers a reduced component count, lower cost solution that supports higher overall system efficiency in LED power supplies for applications such as LED-based street, low bay, wall packs, and architectural lighting.

Suitable for designs with power requirements of between 40 and 150 W, the NCL30001 is designed to operate in continuous conduction mode (CCM), and can be configured as either a constant current or fixed output voltage driver. With an adjustable operating frequency of 20 to 250 kHz and a multi-function latch-off pin able to implement an overtemperature shutdown circuit, the SOIC-16 packaged controller offers circuit designers a high degree of flexibility.

Further features of the NCL30001 controller’s specification include a high voltage start-up circuit, voltage feedforward to improve loop response, a brownout detector, internal overload timer, latch input and a high accuracy multiplier to reduce input line harmonics. An isolated single stage power factor corrected LED Driver evaluation board is available for this device that is intended for applications ranging from 40 to 100 W that require a direct constant current output. The current is adjustable from 0.7 to 1.5 A to support a wider range of high power high brightness LEDs.

For more information, contact ON Semiconductor, 5005 East McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85008. Phone: 888-743-7826.

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