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Integrated Controllers Support Robust End Product Designs

Integrated Controllers Support Robust End Product Designs

ON Semiconductor is demonstrating its latest integrated controllers at this year’s APEC in Fort Worth, Texas. In the demonstration of the NCP1565 dual-mode active clamp PWM controller, a telecom industry 100 watt (W) quarter brick will be loaded continuously in a triangular fashion from 0.1 ampere (A) to 10 A to 0.1 A. This will show the adaptive zero voltage switching (ZVS) feature of the device’s dual-mode active clamp pulse width modulation (PWM) controller where dead-time varies with load to achieve the optimum ZVS point. The NCP1565 conveniently integrates all necessary control and protection functions that are required to implement an isolated active clamp forward converter or asymmetric half-bridge converter. The device aims at small to medium power level isolated dc-dc converters used in networking, as well as 42 V automotive applications. 

The NCP1615 power factor controller will also be featured in a demonstration that shows how the device operates in a zero power consumption state when no load is applied, thus creating a safe end-user environment by discharging the EMI filter capacitors when the power source is disconnected. 

This high voltage, power factor correction controller (PFC) is designed to drive PFC boost stages based on an innovative current controlled frequency fold-back (CCFF) method and provides a rugged and extremely efficient solution for applications in computer power supplies, flat screen TVs, and LED lighting and ballasts. An integrated high-voltage start-up circuit along with numerous other built-in features eliminates the need for a number of external components helping to simplify design, enhance reliability, and reduce cost.

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