Illumination-grade LED achieves high efficacy

Illumination-grade LED achieves high efficacy

LUXEON A introduces the latest illumination grade LED from Philips Lumileds that reduces the engineering effort required for new solutions and delivers Freedom From Binning. LUXEON A shares the LUXEON Rebel ES platform and footprint and incorporates a 2-square-mm thin-film flip chip and Lumiramic phosphor technology to deliver super high quality light at 2,700 and 3,000 K with very high efficacy and light output.

All LUXEON A LEDs are hot-tested and specified at a junction temperature of 85° C that represents real-world operating conditions. Lumileds’ unique chip and phosphor technology allows color targeting that ensures all LUXEON A emitters fall within a single 3-step MacAdam ellipse on the black body curve. The quality, uniformity, and consistency of the light from LED to LED relieves luminaire manufacturers and lighting designers of many of their long held concerns about the suitability of LED technology for illumination applications.

Freedom From Binning gives the industry great confidence in quality of light and Lumileds’ hot testing pays dividends for the engineers that design LED solutions. The LED industry has long tested and specified products at an LED chip junction temperature of 25° C. It is well known that in applications such as down lights and retrofit lamps, LED junction temperatures are more likely to be near 85° C. This has meant that luminaire manufacturers have had to make many complex calculations to determine actual light output, efficacy, and color point of their products.

Lumileds’ hot testing simplifies the entire process by providing the actual operating condition information so that there is no ambiguity, performance hyperbole, or wasted engineering effort. LUXEON A is available for sampling and design-in activities and will go into high-volume production in early May.

For more information, contact Philips Lumileds Lighting Company, 370 West Trimble Rd., San Jose, CA 95131. Phone: (408) 964-2900.

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