IEC terminal blocks suit PV applications

IEC terminal blocks suit PV applications

Automation Systems Interconnect Inc. announces the release of a complete line of DIN rail mounted IEC terminal blocks — EZ Jump Terminal Blocks that are rated at 1,000 Vdc for PV applications. The entire range of EZ Jump terminal blocks has been designed around the easy-to-install plug-in circuit jumper, PTC. The PTC jumper system is a comb of plug-in jumpers that can be cut to any number of circuits by the user and can be modified to allow for alternate circuit jumpers.

EZ Jump terminal blocks are now available with wire handling capacity of 20 AWG to 1 AWG and current ratings to 125 amps. The EZ Jump family includes single level, multiple level, functional, fuse, and numerous other styles. Housings are molded of a UL94V0 polyamide and all materials are RoHs compliant.

Each of the terminal blocks feature two locations for the PTC jumpers. And, once the jumper is installed, it is insulated and touchproof by being fully seated into the EZ Jump terminal block housing. The jumpers can then be easily removed with the use of a screwdriver inserted into the jumper slot. An insulator strip can be added over the jumper to provide visual identification of circuits with the PTC jumper installed.

The new EZ Jump terminal blocks and PTC Easy Bridge System can be ordered as individual items and assembled by the customer or ordered as a complete assembly.

For more information, contact Automation Systems Interconnect Inc., P.O. Box 1340, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055. Phone: (877) 650-5160.

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