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HP Announces Next Generation Tower UPSs from 750VA to 1400VA

The HP Tower UPS units, T750 G2, T1000 G3, and T1500 G3 are intended for small-to-medium businesses, remote offices, and retail environments needing power protection in a compact tower design. The UPS units protect computer equipment and critical data against damage due to inconsistent and fluctuating power. These line-interactive UPSs have power ratings of 750VA, 1000VA and 1400VA, respectively.


  1. Increased power rating for longer backup time
  2. Line-interactive design with buck and boost voltage regulation
  3. Intuitive front panel display for quick visual
  4. Enhanced Battery Management (EBM) to increase battery life
  5. Prioritized shut-down of attached devices during utility power failure
  6. Hot-swappable battery for better maintenance
  7. Network Transient Protection for telecom transient power issues
  8. Serial and USB ports for data exchange with the host computer

HP Power Manager software is included with all HP UPSs and provides the flexibility to monitor power conditions and control an HP UPS locally or remotely. The software enables broadcast alarms, orderly shutdowns in the event of a power failure, and schedule power-on to the UPS and attachedequipment. The HP Power Manager software allows for customized alert generation with modifiable dialog boxes, command execution, and email, pager, mobile phone and broadcast messages.

The HP Tower UPS T750 G2, T1000 G3, and T1500 G3 are available now with U.S. Internet prices of $299, $389, and $460,respectively. Canadian List Pricing starts at $CD398. HP Power Manager is a web-based application that enables administrators to manage an HP UPS from a browser-based management console and is bundled at no cost with these models.

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