Highly efficient power supply debuts

Pioneer Magnetics announces the expansion of its liquid cooled product line to include the 365 V at 82 Amp PM37224-10P – A 30 kW power supply in a 2U package that yields a power density of 23 W per cubic in. The highly efficient 3-phase power supply operates from 0º to 50º C with an input range of 365 to 528 Vac.

Several standard options are available such as fully floating output, over current, over voltage, over temperature protection, and several variations of voltage and current programming. The company is currently working on projects in a variety of commercial and military applications such as supercomputers, lasers, broadcast transmitters, and pulsed radar systems.

For more information, contact Pioneer Magnetics, 1745 Berkeley St., Santa Monica, CA 90404. Phone: (310) 829-6751.

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