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GMZ-Energy announces the TG16-1.0, a new thermoelectric module capable of producing twice the power of the company's first product, the TG8.  The highly efficient TG16-1.0 directly converts waste heat into usable electricity and is well suited for extremely high temperature environments, such as those in boilers and furnaces.

By doubling the power density, GMZ's new module substantially increases performance while maintaining a minimal footprint. The TG16-1.0 will augment the TG8, enabling dramatic efficiency improvements and new functionalities in products requiring high power density. Now, with two product offerings, GMZ is capable of providing a solution to even more OEM partners around the world. The TG16-1.0 is currently available for sampling to qualified OEM manufacturers.

GMZ Energy's proprietary platform technology enables low-cost manufacturing of bulk thermoelectric materials. The company's patented nano-structuring process reduces thermal conductivity while maintaining electrical conductivity, enhancing the performance ("figure of merit," ZT) by 30-60% across multiple classes of thermoelectric materials, including bismuth telluride, lead telluride, skutterudites, silicon germanium, and half-Heusler materials.

The company has recently applied its nano-structuring process to half-Heusler materials, yielding a unique combination of high performance, high strength and low cost. GMZ's proprietary method of bulk manufacturing TE materials of less than 1 microns in size is more cost-effective than known nanowire or thin film manufacturing methods for temperatures of 550°C to 650°C on the hot side and 100°C on the cold side.

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