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High-Efficiency Power Supply Controller Integrates LLC, PFC, Plus 800-V Drivers

For high (80 to 90%)-efficiency offline power converters from 200 to 600 W for applications such as flat-panel TVs, PCs, and workstations, and the latest generations of high-brightness LED streetlights, Power Integrations’ HiperPLC (High Power, Power factor corrected, LLC, Controller) power supply controller IC is the first to combine resonant controller, half-bridge drivers (800-V) and PFC in a single IC.

HiperPLC is the first member of the Hiper product family. The new device saves costs by combining all those functions and a substantial amount of supporting circuitry into a single IC package and by leveraging the communication between the PFC and LLC controllers, reducing external component count, the cost of magnetic components and the size of the expensive high-voltage bulk-storage capacitors. The combined PFC and LLC control also ensures a single switching frequency for the entire power supply, reducing differential mode noise and EMI harmonic spectrum components to reduce input filter cost. Moreover, the HiperPLC enables rapid development of highly efficient designs due to the fundamental benefits of the LLC architecture, the high level of integration of the device and PI's convenient, designer-friendly support tools.

Including both PFC and LLC controllers within a single IC enables numerous cost savings such as locked frequency and phase that promotes ripple current cancellation with less harmonic content, reducing EMI filter requirements. This locked-phase relationship prevents "edge collision" and reduces noise sensitivity, greatly simplifying PCB layout and speeding up design.

Other features include: comprehensive PFC and LLC fault handling and current limiting as well as short-circuit protection designed to protect power components; high-efficiency Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) LLC; off-time PFC control to eliminate AC input sensing components; configurable, precise dead-time control and frequency limits that prevent hard MOSFET switching; tight LLC duty cycle symmetry for balanced output diode currents; and an internal PFC current sense low pass filter.

Power Integrations is also releasing a Reference Design Kit for a 300-watt power supply for LCD TVs using the HiperPLC device. A Design Example Report (DER-189) and full data sheet are available on Power Integrations' website at (http://www.powerint.com/products/hiper-family/hiperplc). HiperPLC is available immediately at $2.00/ea in 10,000 piece quantities. RDK-189 will be available from December 15 at $100/ea.

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