Power Electronics

Handheld Instruments for Electronics, Process-Control Applications

Agilent Technologies Inc. announced four new handheld instruments that provide greater convenience on the bench or in the field. Three are handheld capacitance and LCR (inductance, capacitance, resistance) meters that are attractively priced, giving more engineers easy access to component testing. The fourth is a handheld multi-function calibrator/meter that provides two-in-one functionality, equipping engineers for on-the-go characterization of process-control devices.

The new Agilent U1701A capacitance meter and U1731A/U1732A LCR meters let engineers perform quick, basic measurements at their convenience. Key capabilities include one-touch measurements, tolerance testing (with visual and audible indication), value recording (with minimum, maximum and average), and a dual display.

The two-in-one functionality of the Agilent U1401A handheld multi-function calibrator/meter lets technical staff travel light when doing calibration for validation, troubleshooting, or service and maintenance. Key features include simultaneous source-and-measure capability, full-span DMM measurement and recording functions, and a backlit dual display.

The Agilent U1401A calibrator/meter is priced at $750 and is available now worldwide.The Agilent U1701A capacitance meter is priced at $150. Prices for the U1731A and U1732A LCR meters are $275 and $330, respectively. All are available now worldwide.

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