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Gen VII Power Module Series Improves Ratings Up to 400 A

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. unveiled its Gen VII series of general-purpose high-voltage power modules, which feature increased current handling capability, lighter weight, lower thermal resistance, improved reliability and a totally lead (Pb)-free construction.

Packaged in the TO-240AA-compatible ADD-A-PAK, the Gen VII modules each integrate two active components in series and include standard diode, thyristor/diode, thyristor/thyristor, and Schottky rectifier combinations.

The new devices feature a high blocking voltage of up to 1600 V, a high dV/dt of 1000 V/µs, a high RMS voltage isolation capability of 3500 V, and a high surge capability of up to 3000 A. In addition to standard products with the configurations and ratings mentioned above, custom versions of the Gen VII modules, which can accommodate silicon die with dimensions up to 500 mils by 500 mils, are readily available with customer-specified parameters to deliver outstanding performance in specific applications.

Current ratings for the Gen VII modules range from 26 A to 105 A for the diode and thyristor combinations and from 110 A to 400 A for the Schottky rectifier combinations. Reverse voltage ranges from 400 V to 1600 V for the diodes and thyristors and from 30 V to 150 V for the Schottky rectifiers. Maximum junction temperature ratings for the modules range from 125°C to 175°C.

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