Gear reducer achieves 90% efficiency

Gear reducer achieves 90% efficiency

IronMan E Series gear reducers from Grove Gear operate at 90% efficiency to maximize system effectiveness. The new product has a compact housing design that offers a direct replacement to traditional worm gear reducers. By utilizing helical-bevel gear technology, the E Series has up to 60% more torque than many competing worm gear designs.

Because of its modular versatility, the product fits 90% of the U.S. worm gear market and allows reduced inventory. With mounting base kits, the E Series can drop in and replace multiple sizes of worm gear speed reducers. Providing an additional inventory reduction opportunity, shaft kits ranging from 1 to 1-1/2 in. were designed to plug into a standard hollow output shaft.

Four models are offered, with double reduction ratios from 7.8:1 to 60:1 and power capability to 8.50 hp. Triple reduction units are available by adding a ratio multiplier. The E Series also features synthetic lubricant, covers sealed with o-rings, and Viton double-lip seals.

For more information, contact Grove Gear, 1524 15th Ave., Union Grove, WI 53182. Phone: (262) 878-1221.

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