Gate drive optocoupler suits hybrid and electric vehicles

Avago Technologies announces a new automotive-grade optocoupler with extended temperature operation for use in hybrid and electric vehicles. Increasing consumer demand for hybrid and electrical vehicles with more powerful engines has car makers and their suppliers seeking more robust gate drive optocouplers to help drive higher-capacity engines, as well as battery charger and dc-dc converter systems. The new Avago ACPL-38JT 2.5-Amp optocoupler is qualified to AEC-Q100 Grade 1 stress test requirements, delivering safe electrical signal isolation from -40° to 125° C.

The highly integrated ACPL-38JT power control device incorporates a complete Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) driver for signal switching, along with desaturation detection and fault status feedback systems for constant signal protection. The device is part of the Avago R2Coupler family of optocouplers with reinforced insulation for reliable signal isolation, which is critical in automotive and high-temperature industrial applications such as isolated IGBT/power Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (MOSFET) gate drives, industrial inverters, ac and brushless dc motor drives, and uninterruptable power supplies.

During power-up, the ACPL-38JT optocoupler’s under voltage lock-out (UVLO) protection feature protects the IGBT from receiving insufficient gate voltage by forcing lower output. The integrated IGBT gate driver is designed to increase the performance and reliability of a motor drive without the cost, size, and complexity of a discrete design. Available in a 16-lead small outline (SO-16) surface mount package, the device is compliant to UL 1577, IEC/EN/DIN EN 60747-5-2 and CSA industrial safety standards.

Additional ACPL-38JT product features:

  • Drives IGBTs up to IC = 150 A, VCE = 1200 V
  • Input CMOS/TTL compatible
  • 500 ns max. switching speed
  • Soft IGBT turn-off
  • 15 kV/us minimum common mode rejection (CMR) at VCM = 1500 V
For more information, contact Avago Technologies, 350 W. Trimble Rd., San Jose, CA 95131. Phone: (800) 235-0312.

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