Front-end power supply offers 91% efficiency

Fuji Electric Corp. of America (FECOA) announces the FE1200SP, a 1200 W, full-range ac input front-end power supply capable of providing 100 amps of 12 Vdc output in a compact side-mount package. This package was created by Eltek Valere to enable the side mounting of front ends in a 19-in. rack configuration where depth is minimal. Fuji has followed up with a compatible product that is capable of working side-by-side with the Eltek Valere unit — giving customers an immediate off-the-shelf second source option.

The unit has an operating voltage of 90 to 264 Vac, a power factor correction of 99%, and a 20 ms hold-up time while providing up to 100 amps of 12 Vdc current. The FE1200SP has an efficiency curve peaking at over 91.5% at 100% load, and 91% at 50% load at 230 Vac. The FE1200SP is hot-swappable and features both N+1 redundancy and internal ORing controllers to minimize downtime and enhance overall serviceability. When used under normal operating conditions (25∞ C ambient at full load), it has a demonstrated mean time between failures (MTBF) of more than 500,000 hours.

As an added measure to ensure power continuity, the FE1200SP is protected against over voltage (up to 120%), short-circuit (up to 130%), and over-temperature conditions (above 55∞C). The power supply complies with EN55022 and FCC Level "B" EMC standards for conducted noise, including all applicable immunity standards. It also received CSA/cUS safety approvals and is fully compliant with Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directives.

For more information, contact Fuji Electric Corp. of America, 47520 Westinghouse Dr., Fremont, CA 94539. Phone: (510) 440-1060.

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