Free leak detection services available

Two new leak detection, equipment matching services are available from Uson for applications involving injection molding, solenoid valves, parts made from composites, and a wide range of alternative energy leak-testing applications. The no-cost services include: Uson’s Leak Detector Express Proposal service assuring a 48-hour return on RFPs (Requests for Proposals); and Leak Detection Equipment Custom Application Proposal service for unusual applications that require analysis of leak detection equipment at the concept and final design stages, as well as during training and factory installation.

The Leak Detector Express Proposal service is especially useful for manufacturing engineers responding to recessionary pressures to decrease production costs. Uson leak detection equipment includes several models of leak detectors, each of which has been designed for specific test cycle times, leak rates, test pressures, and similar specifications. The “Express” service employs the company's vast database of leak test solutions to quickly determine best match leak detectors for most RFP proposals.

The Leak Detection Equipment Custom Application Proposal service is designed to find the most suitable leak detection equipment for challenging test specifications or others requiring additional study. Some examples are high flow valves to fill large volumes quickly, pneumatic circuits that automatically switch leak tests from one side of a part to another, and multiple test pressure requirements. The team that finalizes these custom application proposals includes highly trained leak testing engineers, applications specialists, and operations and sales specialists.

RFPs can be sent to Martin Bryant at [email protected]

For more information, contact Uson, 8640 N. Eldridge Pkwy., Houston, TX 77041. Phone: (281) 671-2000.

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