Flash-configurable sequencers simplify power management

Flash-configurable sequencers simplify power management

Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX16067/MAX16068, flash-configurable sequencers/monitors that simplify power management and fault diagnostics. These devices integrate a ±1%-accurate ADC for voltage monitoring/sequencing in complex systems where high reliability is critical. Additionally, they feature nonvolatile fault registers to store and read back fault data. An easy-to-use graphical configuration tool eliminates the need for tedious, time-consuming programming of complex devices like CPLDs and microprocessors. The MAX16067/MAX16068 are well suited for networking, telecom, servers, and data storage applications.

With the on-chip fault registers, customers can either save information about a monitored input that caused the problem, or write all of the measured values into flash memory. Users can then read back fault conditions to help debug the design. If a system or board is returned to the factory, the manufacturer will now have useful fault data to examine for determining what caused the failure. The graphical configuration tool quickly generates data to analyze faults or test different configurations with an SMBus or JTAG interface.

The MAX16067/MAX16068 have a wide 2.8 to 14V operating voltage range, which allows operation directly from an intermediate bus voltage. They also offer a range of precise, sequencing time delays to optimize system power-up time. The MAX16067 manages and sequences up to six supply voltages simultaneously, and the MAX16068 monitors up to six supply voltages. Both devices are fully specified over the -40° to 85° C extended temperature range. They are available in 5 x 5 mm, 28- and 32-pin TQFN packages.

For more information, contact Maxim Integrated Products, 120 San Gabriel Dr., Sunnyvale, CA 94086. Phone: (408) 737-7600.

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