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Energy measurement ICs suit Smart Grid applications

Featuring extremely high energy measurement accuracy, the CS5484/80/90 family of analog front end (AFE) ICs from Cirrus Logic Inc. offer designers of single and polyphase utility meters and smart energy products a useful combination of proven energy calculations, flexibility, performance, and cost.

The CS548X/9X family is suitable for today's smart utility meter applications, which research firm IMS forecasts will reach 170 million units by 2015, as well as the growing market for new generations of smart energy products that provide information about electricity consumption. By better understanding how much electricity their products are using, consumers can make more informed decisions about how, or when, to operate their products. Emerging applications such as smart meters, white goods, smart appliances, smart powerstrips and plugs, and energy efficient power supplies for enterprise applications (such as servers), are critical components to global Smart Grid initiatives designed to maximize efficiency of the electric grid.

Cirrus Logic's approach to metrology solutions focuses on application specific analog-to-digital converters that include the company's EXL Core technology, a digital architecture central to the IC family's high-performance energy calculations and metrology features. This dedicated AFE offers designers an industry standard metrology solution that works in all applications, while allowing them the flexibility to choose the right MCU to fit the specific design requirements.

With measurement accuracy of 0.1% over 4,000 dynamic range for both active and reactive energy, the CS548X/9X family offers impressive performance levels. A pre-programmed power calculation engine eliminates any need for manual programming and also mitigates security concerns. Two-second calibration times are up to 10X faster than many competing SOCs, translating to accelerated production line cycles and lower overall cost.

For more information, contact Cirrus Logic Inc., 2901 Via Fortuna, Austin, TX 78746. Phone: (800) 625-4084.

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