Energy-harvesting thermogenerator kits now available

Mouser Electronics Inc. announces it is stocking solid-state thin film thermoelectric device evaluation kits from Micropelt GmbH, a manufacturer of Peltier cooler and thermogenerator devices. Mouser’s stock of Micropelt products includes the TE-Power NODE Evaluation Kit for thermal energy harvesting. Highly modular, the kit shows how free excess heat can provide a continuous power source for low-power wireless sensing applications.

The kit provides customers with an easy-to-handle plug and play wireless sensor system, which allows the user to explore and understand thermal harvesting and comes complete with the thermoelectric generator TE-Power Base, various power modules, a low-power wireless sensor module, and Texas Instruments’ USB Wireless Receiver. This simple-to-use evaluation kit lets users demonstrate thermoelectric generation within minutes of unpacking it.

Also available from Mouser is the Micropelt TE-Power PLUS Evaluation Kit, allowing designers to determine the available power to drive low-power wireless applications by matching energy budget and duty-cycle control. Easily producing hundreds of microwatts to some milliwatts, the harvester refills its extendable 100 µF capacitor during the latency periods of the duty cycle. The TE-Power Plus has an integrated dc-dc converter that allows users to set the desired voltage level based on available gross power.

For more information, contact Mouser Electronics Inc., 1000 N. Main St., Mansfield, TX 76063. Phone: (800) 346-6873.

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