Energy efficient control ICs suit LCD TVs, game consoles

International Rectifier announces 8-pin resonant half-bridge control ICs for energy efficient Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) used in LCD televisions and monitors, home theater systems, desktop computers, printers and game console applications.

Available in an 8-pin SO-8 package, the IRS2795(1,2)S resonant half-bridge control ICs offer a high level of programmability and protection. Features include programmable switching frequency up to 500 kHz with 50% fixed duty cycle, programmable soft start frequency and soft start time, and programmable deadtime for optimized Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) under all load conditions to achieve high efficiency and low switching noise.

The IRS2795(1,2)S devices offer over-current protection using the on-state resistance (RDS(on)) of the low-side MOSFET, eliminating the need for an additional current sense resistor. Other key features include floating channel bootstrap operation up to +600 Vdc, micro-power start-up and ultra-low quiescent current, as well as user initiated micro-power “sleep mode.”

For more information, contact International Rectifier, 233 Kansas St., El Segundo, CA 90245. Phone: (310) 252-7105.

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