Energy analysis tool helps manage resources more efficiently

Designed by the Resource Efficiency and Conservation (RECON) division of Livingston & Haven, the RAP Box (resource and production box) measures the resources used and production rate of machines and systems in industry, schools, government, and commercial buildings. Data collected allow engineers to evaluate machine performance, diagnose problems, and recommend solutions. The RAP Box measures:

  • Electricity consumed (real, apparent and reactive power, harmonics)
  • Pressure, temperature, and flow of hydraulic fluid and compressed air
  • Machine cycle rates and stoppages
  • Machine output with time stamps to match with energy consumption
  • Machine vibration

The box then transmits data to the Internet where it can be accessed and evaluated by RECON engineers, as well as end users. Unlike other measuring devices, the box collects data in small time increments, producing a more accurate picture of a system’s flaws and capabilities.

Analysis of RAP Box data can help companies identify high energy-consuming processes, establish benchmarks for consumption of energy and other resources, boost throughput, and prioritize and verify energy efficiency measures. In addition, users can identify behavioral and policy changes needed to ensure wise use of resources, assign accurate energy usage and CO2 equivalent across manufacturing work centers, and comply with new international energy management standards, such as ISO 50001.

As one example, RAP Box technology has already helped identify an estimated $1 million in annual energy savings for a major U.S. tire manufacturer, and uncovered savings opportunities for a global paper company and an international steel pipe maker.

For more information, contact Livingston & Haven, 11529 Wilmar Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28273. Phone: (704) 588-3670.

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