Enclosure lighting offers efficient LED and fluorescent options

Pentair Technical Products announces the new Hoffman brand PANELITE family of enclosure lights, including compact LED and fluorescent versions in versatile and easy-to-install packages. PANELITE LED and Fluorescent Lights were specifically designed for quick installation in Hoffman PROLINE Enclosures, with flexibility to be mounted in any enclosure. Their efficient design fits easily inside enclosures where space is often at a premium, and terminal blocks located at both ends of the lights' housings allow for simple wiring and gangability.

The compact PANELITE LED Enclosure Light delivers the advantages of long-lasting LED technology: durable; low-maintenance; a long operating life up to 50,000 hours; and no bulbs to crack, break, or replace. They operate on 24 Vdc, making them an effective solution for low voltage and energy efficient applications. LEDs offer a 140° cone angle that casts a broad covering of neutral light within enclosures. The light’s center section also rotates, allowing users to direct the light where needed. Additionally, LED technology delivers excellent performance in harsh environments including cold temperatures and vibration applications.

  • PANELITE LED Enclosure Lights are UL and CSA certified and are available in a 15-in. length
  • PANELITE Fluorescent Enclosure Lights are UL and CSA certified and are available in 15, 18, and 28-in. lengths

PANELITE LED and Fluorescent Enclosure Lights are simple to wire and operate. A plug-and-play terminal connection system includes pre-wired connection sockets on both ends of the light for ganging in series and allowing for Hoffman’s line of easy to use PANELITE cable accessories. Additionally, optional terminals snap into the connection sockets to allow users to utilize their own wiring methods. Terminals are provided in the kit with each light. The lights also include an incorporated On/Off switch. Accessories for the LED and fluorescent enclosure lights include ganging cables, power cords and door switches, all provided with easy to use plug-and-play connectors.

For more information, contact Pentair Technical Products, 2100 Hoffman Way, Anoka, MN 55303. Phone: (763) 421-2240.

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