Power Electronics

Eight Transmit Digital-To-Analog Converters Integrate Two DACs

Analog Devices, Inc. is helping electronic equipment manufacturers design more energy-efficient products with the introduction today of eight TxDAC® transmit digital-to-analog converters (DACs), each integrating two DACs on a single device. Adding to ADI’s extensive high-speed DAC portfolio, the new pin-compatible dual TxDAC converters are designed for communications, industrial, instrumentation and other demanding high-performance applications for which low power consumption and space savings yield significant cost, performance and time-to-market advantages. Dissipating only 220 mW at their maximum sample rate, the AD911x series of dual TxDAC devices consume 40 percent less power and are one-third the size of competing transmit DACs, while achieving 10 dB better SFDR (spurious-free dynamic range) performance. The AD971x series of dual TxDAC devices, with 2-mA full-scale output current, are even more energy efficient, consuming 70 percent less power than competing solutions.

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