Digital multimeters feature OLED displays

Digital multimeters feature OLED displays

Agilent Technologies Inc. announces five additions to its portfolio of handheld instruments: The U1273A handheld digital multimeter combines the clarity of an OLED display with the rugged and ergonomic U1270 Series, while four new U1190 Series clamp meters provide lower-cost complements to the existing U1210 Series.

The U1273A features excellent display quality with its crystal-clear OLED screen. With a 2000:1 contrast ratio, the display delivers superb indoor viewing through 160°. Water and dust resistant, the U1273A enhances measurement results with functions such as Smart Ohm, which minimizes readings from residual voltages induced by leakage currents.

The U1190 Series clamp meters enable safe measurements of electrical current in the 400 to 600 A range. Clamp assemblies include a wire separator and hook that technicians can use to select tangled cables under adverse conditions. In addition, a built-in flashlight mounted at the base of the clamp provides direct illumination in poorly lit conditions with safety ratings of CAT III 600 V/CAT IV 300 V.

For more information, contact Agilent Technologies Inc., 5301 Stevens Creek Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95051. Phone: (877) 424-4536.

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