Current-sense amplifiers suit battery-powered apps

Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX9634, the latest addition to its portfolio of high-side current-sense amplifiers (CSAs). Designed for space-constrained portable applications, the MAX9634 measures just 1mm2. Combined with its wide (1.6 to 28 V) input-voltage range, these superior features make the MAX9634 well suited for a broad selection of battery-powered devices, including smartphones, digital cameras, PDAs, MP3 cameras, and notebook computers.

The MAX9634 is optimized for compact designs that require precision monitoring. This device consumes a super-low 1 microamp of quiescent current (IQ) to conserve battery life, and it is offered in a tiny, 1 x 1 x 0.6 mm, 4-bump UCSP, which is 9x smaller than competing SOT23-housed devices. The small size of the MAX9634 is even more impressive when viewed in conjunction with its performance.

The device features an ultra-low ±250 microvolt (max) Vos and 0.5% (max) gain error. This high accuracy simplifies designs, and eliminates the need to worry about worst-case error tolerances. The MAX9634 is fully specified over the -40° to 85° C extended temperature range, and is available in 4-bump UCSP and 6-pin SOT23 packages.

For more information, contact Maxim Integrated Products, 120 San Gabriel Dr., Sunnyvale, CA 94086. Phone: (408) 737-7600.

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