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Current Mode Switching Regulators Optimize Power Efficiency and Performance in Point-of-Load Applications

ROHM Semiconductor announces the BD91x Series of step-down switching regulators that combine ROHM's propriety SLLM (Simple Light Load Mode) technology with current-mode PWM control to provide exceptional load regulation and high efficiency at both low- and
high-current load conditions.

The SLLM technique enables BD91x series regulators to seamlessly transfer to / from conventional PWM control depending on load conditions. This dual mode of operation improves the efficiency by 100% to 200% over standard PWM controllers that typically ignore the low-power operating regime. In addition, current mode feedback assures fast response to load changes and prevents operational performance problems or failure in voltage-sensitive devices, especially in circuits with supply voltages of 1.8V or less.

Variable point-of-load (POL) requirements are found in a wide variety of applications including set top boxes, digital tuners, LCD displays, portable digital players, wireless LAN modules, personal computers, disk drives, microprocessor power supplies, GPS navigation systems and cell phones.
1. Single and dual channel outputs
2. Output current ratings up to 4.0A
3. High Efficiency: Dual-mode (SLLM / PWM) operation assures efficiency over the full range of load conditions; exhibits virtually zero current in stand-by mode
4. Fixed and variable output voltage (set by resistor selection)
5. High Accuracy: Provides output voltage accuracy of ±1.5 /±2.0%
6. RoHS Compliant
7. Few external components: The regulators incorporate P-channel / N- channel CMOS power output to provide both low on-resistance and low switching losses, while reducing the number and size of external components
8. High Performance: The quick response of the current sense / feedback loop to any change in load current reduces the voltage variation by as much as 50%
9. High Reliability: A full suite of built-in protection circuits including over-current, and over-temperature protection, plus under-voltage lock-out
10. Compact Packaging: Small wafer-level packages and small form factor packages optimize pc-board utilization
Price: US$ 1.00 - 1.80 (Small OEM Quantities)
Availability: Samples Now
Delivery: 12 weeks ARO

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