Controller IC for LED lighting features 94% efficiency

NXP Semiconductors N.V. announces an addition to its broad GreenChip SSL family of products, the GreenChip SSL4101T controller IC, which offers new levels of professional-grade performance for Solid State LED lighting power supplies. The GreenChip SSL4101T enables LED lighting for medium to high-power commercial and professional applications with Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of less than 20%, a high Power Factor (PF) of .99, and high efficiency of 94%.

The GreenChip SSL4101T is based on NXP's unique high voltage process and enables direct start-up from the rectified universal mains voltage in an effective, eco-friendly way. The multi-chip module contains both a flyback controller and a controller for Power Factor Correction, and provides high efficiency at all power levels. The new GreenChip SSL4101T is suited for LED lighting applications that require a very efficient, low THD, high PF, true universal input voltage, and cost-effective power supply solution ranging between 10 and 300 W.

For more information, contact NXP Semiconductors, 1130 Ringwood, M/S SJ 28, San Jose, CA 95131. Phone: (408) 474-8769.

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