Control solution cuts energy use, cost in semiconductor fabs

Control solution cuts energy use, cost in semiconductor fabs

Applied Materials Inc. has unveiled its Applied iSYS platform, the industry’s first fully-integrated abatement and vacuum pumping solution for controlling emissions in the semiconductor fab, according to company sources. Networked with an Applied process tool, the iSYS system can deliver typical annual savings in power, water, and gas consumption equivalent to 200 MWh of energy or 220,000 pounds of CO2 emissions, compared to currently available configurations. In addition to having environmental benefits, the iSYS system lowers the utility cost for abatement and vacuum pumping on a process tool by more than 20%.

Key to the iSYS platform’s capability to conserve resources is its unique control system that is synchronized with the wafer processing tool, sensing real-time changes in each process chamber and directing subsystems into pre-defined standby states. Utility metering sensors and software are built into every iSYS platform to enable remote monitoring of cumulative energy savings and to track progress in reaching energy sustainability targets.

The compact Applied iSYS unit can be installed in less than one day and consumes 40% less floor space than nonintegrated systems. Designed for maximum ease of servicing, the iSYS design consolidates major components and eliminates redundancy to greatly reduce the number of external connections while optimizing maintenance ergonomics. By stacking lighter components above heavier ones and optimizing duct routing, technicians can quickly complete all service tasks, including pump replacement, without special equipment.

For more information, visit Applied Materials Inc., 300 Bowers Ave., Santa Clara, CA 95054. Phone: 408-727-5555.

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