Connectors for LED lighting feature sleek profiles

Connectors for LED lighting feature sleek profiles

AVX Corp. announces two new series of connectors for LED lighting systems that maintain the same luminosity and light intensity as florescent strip lights. The standard length of most fluorescent lights is 1.2 m, and currently it is not possible to reflow-mount LEDs on such a long PCB placed in the fitting. As a result, the lighting strip is divided into shorter lengths joined by connectors. AVX's new 9608 Series LED lighting connector and 9609 Series LED backlight connectors feature some of the lowest profiles available at 1.4 mm, which minimizes the spacing between PCBs and enables even light distribution.

The 9608 Series LED lighting connectors are available in three styles: Joint (relay) for connecting modularized boards; jumper (short-circuiting) to support a loop at the end of the electrical circuit; and wire-to-board for connection to the power supply unit. The PCB-mount plug connector's simplified design has the same footprint for all styles, which saves space and eases the mounting process. The wire-to-board style connectors are mated horizontally at the joint and jumper style connectors are mated vertically, preventing interference between metal fittings and molded parts. The RoHS-compliant 9608 Series is supplied and packaged on tape and reel (2,000 pieces per reel).

The 9609 Series LED backlight connectors are single-pin, board-to-board style connectors that can be mounted on the outside of lighting strips to provide a higher density of LEDs on the PCB. The design and mounting process is aided by the availability of similarly shaped receptacle connectors in both joint and wire-to-board styles. The floating structure of the joint style connector absorbs misalignment of ±0.1 mm along the X-axis (±0.2 mm between connected boards) and ±0.2 mm along the Y-axis (±0.4 mm between connected boards), improving contact reliability. The RoHS-compliant 9609 Series is also supplied and packaged on tape and reel.

The advanced connector series are designed to withstand temperatures from a range of -40° to 105° C, earning an excellent temperature rating for automotive applications.

For more information, contact AVX at One AVX Blvd., Fountain Inn, SC 29644. Phone: (404) 477-2453.

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