Complete line of yaw brakes for wind turbines

A full array of caliper solutions is available from Twiflex, Ltd. to meet the yaw braking force requirements of any size wind turbine. All brake models are robust, hydraulically activated, and direct applied. Models T20 and T40, with up to 40kN braking force and featuring two-bolt side mounting, are designed for light to medium-duty applications. Model VCH with 60kN, featuring four-bolt center mounting, is ideal for use in medium sized turbines. The Model VKH with 118kN, base mounted caliper is designed for larger, heavy-duty turbine applications.

All four models of yaw brakes function as static holding brakes when the nacel is positioned into the wind. Typically, there are four to five yaw motors per wind turbine. The brakes are designed to mount to the back end of the drive motors and are commonly positioned on the underside of the yaw gear ring.

For more information, in the U.S. call (800) 964-3262. Twiflex is a member of the Altra Industrial Motion family of power transmission companies. Sales information is available through the Illinois office, at 449 Gardner St., South Beloit, IL 61080, or

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