Compact intelligent power modules

Compact intelligent power modules

The 1,200-V six-pack MiniSKiiP IPM (intelligent power module) has a high-voltage driver IC and features state-of-the-art Trench-Field-Stop IGBTs, which are optimized for low switching losses and high current densities. With a rated current of 61 A, output power of up to 15 kW is possible.

The compact module (59 × 52 × 16 mm) is approximately 50% smaller than its counterparts. The unit’s power-semiconductor chips and DCB are thermally connected to the heat sink via an efficient pressure contact system to provide high-power density. The module does not contain a base plate so thermal resistance is lower than that of IPMs with one.

An SOI driver is mounted directly onto the DCB and connected to the power transistor’s gate terminals by short conductor lines via optimized gate resistors for harmonious switching and less electromagnetic interference. The short paths result in low parasitic inductances which, in turn, mean lower overvoltages for higher dc link voltages and greater efficiency.

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