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Compact accelerometer is a power miser

The MMA7660FC is a 3-axis +/-1.5g I2C digital capacitive accelerometer with integrated embedded intelligence and reduced power consumption. The accelerometer features programmable functions such as orientation, tap, and shake detection, as well as a unique auto-wake for extended battery life. Packaged in a small, low-profile 3x3x0.9mm DFN, it enhances portable electronic user interfaces for mobile phones, small appliances, and gaming. The MMA7660FC uses I2C communication and programmable interrupt functionality to provide direct communication to the main system processor with simplicity and flexibility. Now stocked by Mouser Electronics, Freescale’s MMA7660FC 3-Axis Accelerometer appears online at

Mike Scott, Mouser Vice President of Active Products, says, “The Freescale MMA7660FC Accelerometer combines highly intelligent features with reduced power consumption and very small packaging, making it extremely valuable to design engineers who are prototyping portable consumer devices or other designs where both functionality and size are critical.”

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