Power Electronics

Chip Inductors Support High Frequencies

The DR354-1-2-3-4 Series surface-mount wirewound chip inductors from Datatronic Distribution combine performance, miniature packaging and economy.The DR354 Series Inductors are available in an inductance range of 1.6 to 4,700 nH. DC resistance ranges from 0.030 Ω to 4.3 Ω maximum over a maximum current rating from 0.700 A to 0.230 A.

The DR354 Series inductors come in packages as small as 0.044 in. wide by 0.071 in. long and stand 0.040 in. high. Their flat top surface makes them compatible with high-speed pick-and-place assembly equipment, and they are also suitable for high-temperature soldering.

Custom designed DR354 Series chip inductor packages can be specified to meet unique circuit requirements. The DR354 Series inductors are priced from $0.11 each in typical production volumes.

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