Bus converters achieve 98% efficiency

Vicor Corp. announces its IBC054 Series of wide-input range VI BRICK Bus Converters, available as drop-in upgrades for industry standard 5:1 and 4:1 converters. These eighth and quarter bricks achieve up to 98% efficiency from a 36 to 60 V input voltage range at power levels from 300 to 750 W, and feature 2,250 Vdc isolation from input to output. The new bus converters offer a transient surge capability of 75 Vin for 100 mS for telecom, Power-over-Ethernet, and other applications.

Vicor's Sine Amplitude Converter topology is the technology behind this new series of high input voltage bus converters and low output voltage current multipliers. The patented technology offers higher performance than obsolete "square wave" bus converters, which are fundamentally limited by switching losses to low operating frequencies, low power densities, and low bandwidth. Learn more from a technical video and whitepaper on Sine Amplitude Converters.

A Cross Reference Selection Tool enables users to quantify the opportunity to increase the efficiency and power density of their IBA power system. Power designers who wish to upgrade to a high-efficiency VI BRICK Bus Converter can use the online tool to identify the most appropriate options. A simple interface, searchable by manufacturer or part number, enables users to search Vicor's IBC bricks, quantify relative power savings, and select a more efficient product.

For more information, contact Vicor Corp., 25 Frontage Rd., Andover, MA 01810. Phone: (978) 470-2900.

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