Asymmetrical lenses suit LED lighting

Asymmetrical lenses suit LED lighting

LEDiL announces an addition to its STRADA Series to include the new STRADA-F Series lens family, which are asymmetrical lenses that direct high-quality, low-power LED light in a forward pattern. Lighting designers no longer have to tilt the PCB or fixture to achieve proper light distribution, because the new lenses project light forward to create efficient lighting solutions from wide streets to odd-shaped parking lots.

STRADA-F Series are compact lenses, 15.4 x 19.6 mm, molded from UV-stabilized optical-grade PMMA plastic, with over 90% transmission efficiency. STRADA-FT, 8.2 mm high, directs light in a forward peak of 55°. The slightly taller (10.8 mm) STRADA-FW offers a wider emitting pattern in a forward peak of 55°. STRADA-F Series is optimized for peak performance with LEDs from Cree, Philips Lumileds, Osram, Nichia, and others.

Ease of assembly is another useful feature. Locating pins ensure precise alignment of the lens over the focal point of the LED light source. The product is available with or without pre-mounted polyurethane foam adhesive tape and is also designed to fasten to the PCB using secondary screws.

With the addition of the F Series, the STRADA family – 10 different styles offered in symmetrical and asymmetrical light distribution patterns - can be combined in a single fixture to allow manufacturers of wide-area light fixtures, such as roadway and parking lot lighting, to design efficient products that meet IESNA standards. Challenging light cut-off requirements can be satisfied with simple reflective shades incorporated in the fixture design. LEDiL’s team of optical and mechanical engineers is available to assist with the right selection of products for each application.

The STRADA Series allows immediate deployment – with no tooling investment – of LED-based fixtures to replace traditional metal halide, high-pressure sodium, and other traditional light sources used in exterior lighting applications. The high efficiency of STRADA Series products helps designers achieve Energy Star compliance through the use of fewer LEDs and electronic components.

For more information, contact LEDil's U.S. marketing and distribution manager, Bob Derringer, at [email protected] or (908) 216-2377, or visit LEDil's website.

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