Advanced elastomeric won’t erode in solar cell etch chambers

Chemraz XPE is an advanced elastomeric material that provides protection against oxygen-infused plasma, which is key in many etch and deposition chamber environments. Such harsh environments often break-down non-resistant materials, causing harmful particulation and, ultimately, defective chips. Superior resistance to O2 and CF4 plasmas makes the material suitable for use in a wide range of high temperature applications, such as slit valve doors, reaction chamber lid seals, and gate valve seals. Chemraz XPE was specifically developed to offer the semiconductor and solar industry an alternative to legacy products that quickly erode in the oxygen environment. In addition, XPE seals provide customers with excellent thermal stability and an increased MTBR (mean time between repair) to reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

Marlin Braun, senior vice president and general manager for Greene, Tweed’s Semiconductor and Solar business says, “Our customers are increasingly looking for specialized products to suit their specific chamber environments. Chemraz XPE offers an excellent solution for semiconductor and solar businesses and allows them to utilize O2 and CF4 plasmas without experiencing the negative effects on their seals.”

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