Ac-dc converter features power factor correction

Ac-dc converter features power factor correction

Vicor Corp. introduces the PFM VI BRICK module, an isolated ac-dc converter with power factor correction (PFC). With its adaptive cell architecture enabling consistently high efficiency over worldwide ac mains, the PFM VI BRICK delivers 330 W at 48 V (SELV) in a 9.5 mm-thin profile. 

Unlike low frequency ac-dc front ends using a PFC boost stage and a dc-dc down converter, the PFM VI BRICK module provides isolation, voltage transformation, and PFC regulation in a single stage using advanced, high-frequency soft switching technology. Its thin profile liberates system architects from dimensional constraints of bulky power supplies, according to company sources.

Its small size, coupled with secondary-side energy storage at 48 V, allows greater flexibility to design slim products. Its modular, scalable power component functionality supports efficient, cost-effective power systems with "N+1" redundancy.

For more information, contact Vicor Corp., 25 Frontage Rd., Andover, MA 01810. Phone: (978) 470-2900.

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