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90-Degree PCB Connector System

90-Degree PCB Connector System

ERNI has expanded its M12 wire-to-board connector product offering to include a center axis, PCB edge mounting connector that saves significant board space when compared to top mount right angle connectors. The M12 mates according to IEC 60076-2-101, and is IP67-rated in the mated and locked position.

The M12 is well suited for a wide variety of applications such as fill level, range, measuring and pressure sensors, light barriers, position switches, field bus, industrial equipment and peripheral equipment.

Part of ERNI's modular circular connector product portfolio, the M12 features multiple configurations for flexible integration. Male direct integration versions for sensor pipes can be front mounted/loaded into the pipe, 'snapped' into the pipe, or a rear mount/loaded version may also be utilized.

Available in 3-, 4-, and 5-pins versions, with 8-pin shielded and unshielded models in development, the M12 right angle WTB connectors also have an early mate / first break option. The connectors are available with A, B, and D coding. The required threaded metal shells for panels, O-rings and cordsets are also available.

Plug and socket PCB layouts are identical with a different PCB layout for each thickness: 1.0 mm [.040"], 1.6 mm [.063"], and 2.0 mm [.079"]. The connector's integrated PWB support pegs allow the connector to be centered on the PWB edge for each nominal thickness. PWB thicknesses between the nominal 1.0 mm to 1.6 mm and 1.6 mm to 2.0 mm can be realized if the non-centric condition between the PWB and connector are considered.

ERNI's unique design approach allows for automated pick and place assembly and reflow solder processing through SMT production lines. M12 right angle connectors are delivered in tape & reel packaging for automated processing.

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