Power Electronics

8-A Buck Regulator Achieves 95% Peak Efficiency

Fairchild Semiconductor’s TinyBuck DC-DC regulator is for applications such as set-top boxes, graphic cards, point of load (POL) and industrial power network devices, The FAN2108 is an 8A, fully integrated, synchronous buck converter that drives efficiency over a 3 to 24-V input voltage range. The TinyBuck integrates the controller, MOSFETs, and boot diode into a 5-by-5-mm MLP footprint.

The extremely low Figure of Merit (FOM) of the integrated Powertrench MOSFETS delivers 92% efficiency at 3.3V output and 87% efficiency at 1.8V output with 12 Volts of input. With 5 V input and 3.3 V output, the device achieves 95 % peak efficiency. Budgetary pricing starts at $1.41.


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