Power Electronics

5V TinyBoost Regulator

Fairchild Semiconductor's FAN4860, a 5V 300mA TinyBoost regulator, offers power for USB On-the-Go (OTG) and HDMI communication circuits, combining a high level of efficiency as well as a small form factor.

This device switches at a high 3MHz frequency, allowing the use of small capacitors and inductors, saving board space in space-constrained designs and reducing overall Bill of Material (BOM) costs. Available in two package options, WL-CSP (0.88 x 1.23mm) and ultra-thin MLP (2 x 2mm), the FAN4860 has a total solution area as small as 2.2 x 3.9mm.

This regulator offers the industry's highest efficiency for this form factor, extending battery life through an optimized power train and low quiescent current. With a VIN of 3.6V at light load (1mA), efficiency is 84 percent and at 200mA load efficiency is 91 percent. In addition, the true load-disconnect between the battery and the load eliminates the leakage from the battery during the OFF state, extending the phone's shutdown life. The FAN4860 also offers excellent transient response even with a small output capacitor.

This easy-to-design solution supports the quick design cycles found in the mobile device market, making it an ideal choice for cell phones, smartphones, PMPs and lithium-ion portables.

US$.48 in 1,000 quantity pieces, samples available now, delivery: 12 weeks ARO.

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