Power Electronics

1/16 Brick Achieves Remarkable Power Density, Downconverting 380 V dc to 48 V

Converting 380-V dc to 48 V at 90% efficiency from 10 percent load levels to full-load is no problem for Vicor’s 1/16th brick footprint BCM bus converters. The devices are intended to complete the powertrain conversion to processor and memory loads in HV DC distribution data centers.

The VIB0002TFJ uses Vicor’s MHz-switching ZVS, ZCS Sine Amplitude Converter (SAC) with a high power density of 1,150 Watts per cubic inch and more than 95 percent efficiency, providing more than 4000 V of safety isolated 330 W power for downstream loads.

The BCM V•I chip package is compatible with standard pick-and-place and surface-mount assembly processes. The VIB0002TFJ is priced at less than $35 in OEM quantities and is available from stock. For a data sheet and more information on the VIB0002TFJ and other V•I Chip products, including application notes and demonstration boards, please visit www.vicorpower.com.

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